India Festival 2015!

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India Cultural Association (ICA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing Indian cultural awareness in Portland, Oregon. The Association was established in 1980, and has since brought the entire Indian community together and provided a venue for a population of over 10,000 to reconnect with its roots.

ICA's claim to fame is its largest and most-loved event: India Festival, a celebration in honor of India's Independence Day. The festival brings over 10,000 visitors to Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, and never fails to delight with live music, dance, food and entertainment thoughout the day! We truly believe that the festival encompasses the tastes, sights, and sounds of India

In addition, ICA hosts an annual Diwali banquet, sports tournaments, and other events for the community. To stay in touch with ICA events and other upcoming events in the Portland Area, check out our Facebook page, join our mailing list, or contact us.

We at ICA are so thankful to the Portland community for making our organization what it is today. We hope to see you at this year's India Festival!

This year's India Festival is on August 16th, 2015!

at Pioneer Courthouse Square from 11am to 9pm

Free Admission


Bring your friends and family and come to Pioneer Courthouse Square for a free taste of Indian Culture! Get ready to experience a day of back-to-back dances, musical performances, and food from Portland's finest Indian restaurants.

Don’t miss out on a memorable event that draws crowds from all over the West Coast!


Registration for this year's India Festival is now open! Please fill out this Registration Form. We will then send you an email with next steps.

The India Festival hosts a back-to-back entertainment program, filled with the performances of the members of the South Asian community.We encourage performances of all ages and talents to take part in the India Festival. Whether you are interested in dance, music, acting, or any other art form, we would love to see you on stage.


Your business can gain exposure to well over 10,000 visitors from the Northwest South Asian community and Portland community at-large by being present at India Festival.

If you are interested in supporting India Festival, please read the sponsorship and booth rental details. For additional questions, contact Jaisen Mody at (503) 645-7902 or email

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